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June 15 2017


kermit, peach and marbles trio icon

for three people
yeah im ognna stop wiht the icons 

f2u as well! can be used with friends etc

i cant get the exact seperate images but theyll be easy to get yourself!


With much sound and fury, the biker gang had descended upon the beach.
Bad-ass umbrellas were propped up, hardcore towels laid down upon the sand and brütal beach balls breathlessly inflated.
With barbecues lit and hardcore punk playing on the stereo, the very intense beach party was ready to begin. Only... where was Boss?

They gathered around the changing where she had sequestered herself not long after arriving.
Murmurs around the changing room grew louder. Speculations as to what she might be wearing. Rude and tomboyish as she is, surely it must be be something tough!
Just as the crowd started to get rowdy, curtains were flung open!

"Awright boys! Who wants to help with the suncream?!"


The plan is to try and revisit some older characters of mine this month. To start things off, thank :iconmaistromanuel:  for bringing back 2014's punk dog lady.

Just something quick and rough to get back into the drawing mood. My excuse is that I drew this with a fever and a throat that felt like I'd been gargling pine cones. ^^;

Eagle Waltz


@ Mgla Nébuleuse  ❤️
- Faiencerie S 2016.


:damphyr: Websites :

• Official Website : LadySchnaps.fr :camera:
• FlickR Account : FlickR  
• To follow the news, subscribe to my Facebook Page :facebook:
• Still Life & Making of Shoots : InstaGRAM



Pihti 2939

Name: Pihti
ID: 2939
Handler: Wild
Species Kukuri-arpg
Breed: Common Kukuri
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years
: Brown
Height: 6,5 ft
Weight: 400 lb
PhenotypeMarbled Crimson
Ears: High
Horns: Kirin

Skill points:
ATK: 0 DEF: 0 SPD: 0

Biorhythm: Crepuscular
Diet: Omnivore
Rank: None

: Pihti is expressionless and he usually observers others when he meets new people. Pihti might just suddenly decide that he doesn't like someone without any reason and usually he stays with the decision. Pihti mostly roams alone, but likes to visit his family and see that everything is okay with them. Pihti is very loving to the ones he decides to be.

---------------------------------------- SSS: Tonic 262
------------------- SS: Flicker 364
---------------------------------------- SSD: Try 133
Sire: Jesco 743
---------------------------------------- SDS: Ace 042
------------------- SD: Plop 478
---------------------------------------- SDD: Liberia 044
---------------------------------------- DSS: Giraf 392
------------------- DS: Bishop 759
---------------------------------------- DSD: Lily 393
Dam: Piina 1848
---------------------------------------- DDS: King 238
------------------- DD: Hana 1037
---------------------------------------- DDD: Niverri 060

Design by Narncolie

Ion the Hedgehog .:GIFT:.

A little something for :icondubxsonic: while I'm coloring up the rest of the UBER late requests. Thank you for reminding me of my promises!
You're Battle with Nazo will be the next one up bud,  coloring it now as I upload this lol

Art (c) :iconsontanku:
Ion the Hedgehog (c) :icondubxsonic:
Marble Zone Background (c) SEGA

Happy Bloom Day! (June 15th)

Is it obvious that I just drew the Bald Eagle one last? Lol. XD I drew the others yesterday.

#51 Bagbean - Marble fox - AUCTION CLOSED Owned by ClutterCluster
#52 Bagbean - Honduran white bat Owned by TalonEX
#53 Bagbean - Kiwi bird   Owned by MewMew151
#54 Bagbean - Smilodon Owned by Kyarako  
#55 Bagbean - Bald eagle DTA #2 UNACTIVE Owned by heroined

New Eona Ref

Name: Eona (Chosen surname of León)
Species: Demon
Race: Furnace
Race faction: Neutral
Classification: Temperature control unit

Furnace demons are my creations and are basically fancy pets for more powerful, wealthier upper level demons. For security reasons I won't reveal too much, but in this universe Hell and Heaven are two mirror-dimensions not overfar from Earth, and Eona's kind are seen as objects, not entities. Most are okay with this, but their neutrality can be swayed to good or bad depending on how they are treated. Eona was never treated very nicely, so she found a weak link in her "soul leash" there, and broke free. She's come to Earth, but sadly has no idea how to fit in.

When she's not controlling the temperature around her, her eyes are plain black and there are no magma cracks or glows in her skin. Just a cloudy, marbled sort of black/grey/rust motif to her skin. The bondage suit there was the "desired outfit" of her previous owner. She'll get new duds soon.

Eona and all above info belong to ME.

#1388 HSS Nocturne


Stables:  :iconhighsupremacystables:
Owner:  slayingallhumans

ID #:
Show Name: HSS Nocturne
Barn Name: Nox
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pure Faime-Registry 
Age: 3 Years
Height: 18.1hh
Color: Silver Black Bio Lumino Aquatic Dapple
Genotype: EE aa nZ nB nAd
Eye Color: Blue/Green Marble
Personality: Nox is a stallion, not too keen on having a rider atop his back, he isn't shy to throw you off at any time, no warning needed. However when tired, he does let you know by pawing and pacing, so we all know never to try anything with him during these bouts. Hating on Fireworks, we learned this information from his previous owner, and always make sure to keep him calm during any festivities by feeding him pears which he just loves. 
Discipline: Everything
Training: Bullet; Black = Untrained Bullet; Red = Bad Bullet; Yellow = Needs Improvement Bullet; Green = Trained

Registered: Yes
Original Design: 1388 RRA's Nocturne ~foal design
Best Friend: None 
Mate: None

Breed Specific Information
Bio-Lumino: Yes (Only shows at night)

Lineage and Breeding

Lineage: 2nd Generation

------------------------------------------------- SSS: unknown
-------------------------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------------- SSD: unknown
----------- Sire: 300 Lorem Pulverem di Arsenico
------------------------------------------------- SDS: unknown
-------------------------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------------- SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------------- DSS: unknown
--------------------------------DS: unknown
------------------------------------------------- DSD: unknown
---------- Dam: 871 Rhapsody (404 link)
------------------------------------------------- DDS: unknown
-------------------------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

HARPG Breeding rules:          Note  CLOSED!!!
1a. Breeding slots are 25Points + Breeding Pic for naturals!
1b. Breeding slots are 50Points + Breeding pic for 
single Mutations!
1c. Breeding slots are 100Points + Breeding for multiple Mutations!

2. Breeding picture is required!
3. I require slot to foal. No questions asked!
4. Comment with the foal design and reference so I can keep track!!
Do NOT breed if horse is still under age! Any resulting foal will be reclaimed immediately and you will not be refunded!!!
6. Under no circumstance will twin chances be allowed unless told otherwise!!! 

7. If planning to selling your foal please contact me first! I will want it!!!!
8. Include "Neiigh" somewhere in your comment to show that you've read and accepted these rules! Punctuation is monitored! 

Breeding Slots: 7

Breeding: Bullet; Red Closed Bullet; Red (Please let me know if you have used/still want your slots)

1. Closed
2. Closed
3. Closed
4. Closed
5. Xamillia with 
6. CieloCadono with 
7. @arsenicelaced-faimes with 

Breeding Pictures:

- - - - 

Foals: :Note: I MUST Be told if you sell a foal, below I do not already own! I WILL buy it! 


Faime Points System 

Note Faime Points System

1388 RRA's Nocturne by OneSaltyMama 
Fullbody +1
Background +1
Detailed Shading +1.5

Sub Total = 3.5

Reference by slayingallhumans

Fullbody +1
Background +1

Sub Total = 2

Overall Total: 5.5/15
Rank: None

Competition History

Results Journal: 

Added Info

Reference Sheet is created by me

Stock Used:
 Belgian Draft

Previous Owner: :icononesaltymama:

Breed Group: :iconfaime-registry:
Breed Creator:  :iconemmy1320:

All art is by me!! Do not steal and claim as your own! 
Copyright notice by AngelLale87 <!-- ^TTT --> <!-- TTT$ -->

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